We travelled all over Europe to find out if there is a GENERATION SEPARATION. While traveling we produced a daily show to present the highlights of our Roadtrip, the GenZapp-Show! Here you can watch them all.

Day 1

In our first show we explained our project.

Day 2

Team Populism produced the second GenZapp-Show. They traveled to the UK to talk with Jack, a 15 year old UKIP supporter.

Day 3

Team Independence went to Catalonia to find out more about the separation movement there.

Day 4

Team enemies brought together Greek and Turkish Cypriots – a great story to watch.

Day 5

Have you ever heard about “Non-Citizens”? Neither do we. Watch this GenZapp-Show from Latvia.

Day 6

During their research for right-winged populism our reporters happened to be around a left-winged protest. Is this also populism? Watch the video.

Day 7

Team Crisis was stuck in Greece after a strike of the flight controllers at Athens airport. So why not make a story about it?

Day 8

When enemies become friends: Our reporters met these young girls. Although they live in the same city they are supposed to be miles away from each other.

Day 9

44% of the Italian youth is unemployed. Our Team Crisis went to Rome and Milan to find out why.

Day 10

He calls himself the “Roma-King”, but his people live in poverty. Watch the GenZapp-Show from our Team Discrimination.