Day 8 - 4.12.2014 - 15:56 - Croatia -

My passport


Isn’t traveling the most fun thing? Just hopping on a plane, taking the train or going to places by car. It can’t get any easier. There are three essential things you should definitely bring though: Time, money and a passport.

While many people struggle to come up with the first two “items” there are thousands who can’t leave their country because they don’t have a passport. For me as a German citizen it’s nothing to worry about. I have my travel documents ever since. You literally get used to having no trouble while checking in for a flight. Handing over the passport, smiling, waiting for a couple of seconds and you are good to go.

I personally travelled a lot in the past couple of years and never thought about the fact that a passport is a privilege for quite a number of people. My pass has stamps from Turkey, Cyprus, the United States, Namibia and now Serbia. Today, while waiting in line for the whole “waiting-smiling-good to go” process on the border to Croatia I thought about what life would be like without a passport. I would have missed studying abroad in California, bonding with great people from all over the world and broadening my horizon like I did on every vacation in my life.

It always appeared to me as something natural being able to travel the world. But the reality is different. Besides the money and time, having a passport and the possibility to go wherever you want is something everyone should appreciate.

While writing this text in the car between Belgrade and Zagreb my passport got checked twice – on the way out of Serbia and (100 meters later) on the way in to Croatia. It looks raddled after all these trips it shared with me. It brought me to many places and gives me the possibility to move freely in our world – something that unfortunately still has to be seen as something very special nowadays.