Day 1 - 27.11.2014 - 18:50 - Catalonia -

GenSep Report: In between two worlds

By Tamara Güclü

The movement of independence in Catalonia seems stronger and the voices of those, in favour of an independent Catalan state, louder than ever. Will Catalonia separate itself from Spain? Or will there be coming any offers from the Spanish government who can prevent the separation and unite the autonomous community?

One of the biggest supporters of the independence is the organization Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC). The ANC is non-governmental and their over 80.000 activists out of the civil society, are spread all over the world working towards the independence.

The flag of Catalonia.

“The Spanish government has not been cooperative in terms of finding a solution with us”, explains the activist Joana Verdana in Barcelona. “But for us, the only solution is achieving our goal: to be our own nation and living together in freedom.” The 32-years old Catalan is an engineer, who got involved in the Assembly at the end of 2012, after a big demonstration on September 11 – the national holiday of Catalonia – in Barcelona. She couldn’t attend it because of a new job for which she had just moved to Switzerland. “I was so overwhelmed by the images I saw on television. I thought to myself: look what is going on just now after I have left the country. In that moment I realized, that I wanted to be a part of this movement.”

But the leading party of the Spanish government, the conservative Popular Party (PP), is not willing to let the Catalans walk out of Spain just like that. “We take this issue very serious but there is a constitution in our country and we all have to follow it. Of course, the movement is very strong right now, but we believe that the issue will go down as soon as we recover from the economical crisis”, says Fernando Sánchez Costa. He is a member of the Catalan parliament and minister of the PP. For him, even as a Catalan himself, the option of a separated Catalonia seems impossible.

On his personal blog you can find an entry he did on the 27th of October. He addresses himself directly to the independent movement. It sums up his opinion the following way: “Esta vez, escritas con mayúscula, porque todas las esperanzas que empiezan con minúscula acaban como terminará el proceso independentista: disolviéndose en su propio límite. It means that according to Costa, even if the independent movement right now might be strong, the movement will finally end up dissolving itself within it’s own limits. The ANC and no one we talked about the independence in Barcelona, seems to let go of their goal just like that and certainly will not let their dream dissolve.