Day 5 - 1.12.2014 - 22:24 - Cyprus -

GenSep Report: The adventure of traveling

The routes of Generation Separation are ambitious and exciting. Team Enemies reports about its trip from Cyprus via Serbia to Kosovo.

By Paul Nehf

The short Bangladeshi guy furrows his brow: „I’m sorry, you are late. I have to close in half an hour. And tomorrow is Sunday, I won’t be here.“ I take a deep breath. I know that begging is not one of my best skills. But we need to upload the videos now! In front of my inner eye I see Team Berlin already getting their knives out. Time for plan B. “How much do you want to let the computer running until Monday?”, I ask. The owner of the cyber café just next to our hotel in Nicosia looks at me for a while. Then he takes a calculator. I prepare myself for the upcoming bazar situation. How much will he say? Can I bargain him down to, let’s say, 30 Euros? “Okay…”, the Bangladeshi starts, “give me four Euro.” “Four?” I am astonished. Does he know that in this moment he is the life insurance for the GenZapp-Show of the following day? He probably is not aware. I give him ten Euros. It never felt so fair.

The next morning we (over)load our small rental car, press ourselves between all those bags of equipment and head towards the airport of Larnaka. Four pale ghosts after three days of almost no sleep. Leaving this beautiful island behind, the warm and friendly people, the stories around the inner-Cypriot border. Even the unofficially named Miss GenSep 2014.



Protagonists of our GenZapp-Show: warm and friendly people (and Miss GenSep with sunglasses).

Next step: Check-in at WizzAir – a cheap Hungarian airline that shall bring us to Belgrade, Serbia. The WizzAir counter guy seems a bit concerned. Ten bags for three passengers. Three? Yeah, there is one ticket for each of us – except for “coach” Armin. The second time within 12 hours, the fortune seems to be on our side though. There are some seats left, Armin can come with us. Last minute – the incident costs us some time – we are running to the gate. “Dear passengers to Belgrade. The gate is closing.” Arrived, thank God! We enter the plane – somehow we had some priority boarding rights. I sat down – seat 1A. It would feel fairer if WizzAir had a business class…



Priority seating at WizzAir: Discussing the project up in the air.


In the shuttle from the airport to the bus station a guy asks us what we are doing here. Keeping a low profile is impossible when you carry around two camera bags and a tripod. “Kosovo? Try to go there without any prejudices!” he says. Suddenly an old woman sitting in front of him turns around: “Kosovo? Good luck!” Should we be concerned?

Belgrade is a big contrast to this cute Island in the Mediterranean See we just left. Grey and cold – English is a language that many people we meet do not want to hear. Fortunately we don`t have to do the “Choices of Voices” here. Heading towards McDonalds. This ultimate symbol of Capitalism in the middle of these Soviet-style buildings. Some burgers later we are sitting in the bus to Mitrovica, Kosovo. Or Southern Serbia as the map at the tourist office tells us. Borders or boundaries, separation or not – we are on the right way!

Six hours (also of sleep) later we arrive at the hotel in Northern Mitrovica – the Serbian part of the city. The wifi is working – I can upload this report. Whew! On our homepage I see a new “One more thought”. From Nikosia, Cyprus. Again? “Today we had good business” the Bangladeshi guy is starting to talk. Oh damn, he’s using the YouTube account, we havent’t been able to log-out. Or am I already sleeping?



Arriving in Mitrovica, Kosovo: Four pale ghosts.