Day 3 - 29.11.2014 - 16:46 - France -

GenSep Report: Everyone votes for Airbus – except of the non-voters


“The Front National is so strong because their people go to the vote. Many people think in France: „Well, where is the democracy? They are not representing me.’ The big majority do not vote”, Stephanie suggested (33). The petite woman is a freelancer tour guide at the biggest European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Nearly 20,000 employees are working for Airbus just in Toulouse a city in the south of France, throughout Europe there are over 60,000 people. The policy boasts the multinational corporation, in which France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain are involved. But there could be more countries to provide European integration, politicians say in the EU-headquarter in Brussels.



Airbus in Toulouse. Photo: Krings


Stephanie is certain: “Almost everyone here works for Airbus. I believe that no one can be against the company in Toulouse.” Nevertheless, Airbus CEO Tom Enders warned the employees in a circular letter about to giving right-wing populist parties like the Front National in the 2014 European elections her vote. “Our company is a special example of what can achieve european integration,” wrote the German top managers . “No one should believe that we have achieved this without european integration and the active political support of our national governments.” But finally the anti-EU Front National in Toulouse won the ballot. Maybe also because the FN chairman Marine Le Pen swore that she will support transnational cooperations and will emphasize Airbus’ name.




Plan of an Airbus-plane. Photo: Krings 

Stephanie knows: “The people here are not fascists. Every Saturday they protest against violence. But I know many people who do not wish to vote. After all, who actually decides which three presidential candidates must represent the people?” Le Pen is also one of those politicians who are untrustworthy, so Stephanie, because: “Marine Le Pen is a deputy at the European parliament. She takes the salary, although she is not all the time their. Politicians are all working with the lobbies and the financial system.” She does not believe that France would leave the EU anytime: “The media show only the worst people. The most of people are going to protest are pacifists. The FN here would play no role when the policy would be credible. Because then people would vote against them.”



Stephanie works as a tour-guide at the Airbus-manufactur. Photo: Krings