Hungary is definitely a place to visit for our team. We wonder how it can be possible that a country that is fully integrated into the European Union is failing to integrate minorities in its own society.

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Day 7 - 3.12.2014 - 17:55 - Discrimination -

GenSep in Hungary: Lost childhood

Outside Budapest between the districts Budaörs and Albertsfalva the social project Menedékhaz is located. Menedékhaz means shelter house. 20 houseless families with more than 46 children are currently living in the old casern. They move into the temporary home because they can’t pay their rents or even because fathers throw their wifes and children out.

The German journalist Katalin Grabow (30) gets ivolved with these children teaching them dance lessons. Although she loves „her kids“ she is aware that they will never become a part of the Hungarian society, that they are stigmatized because they are gipsies or because they have lived in this house.

Ten kilometers far from Budapest a part of tomorrow’s generation is already separated.

Day 7 - 3.12.2014 - 11:01 - Discrimination -

In Conflict: Antisemitism in Hungary

Gergely Farkas (28), President of the Jobbik Youth Devision

„We openly and honestly want to talk about these problems because there are in fact troubles in Hungary. We honestly want to solve this kind of very serious problems in Hungary and even if they say we are racist we refuse this very strongly, we speak honestly and we want to find answers. We are the party in Hungary that usually speaks about topics that has been considered to be tabues in the last 25 years. so we started openly to speak about the Hungarian gipsy cohabitation because we are afraid of the future if we cannot solve this problem.“

András Ligeti (29), Chairman of the Youth Council of Mazsihisz

„Antisemitism is gaining power, there is no doubt. But regarding antisemitsm in government – these are two different things we have to talk about. Antisemitism is mainly supported and powered by Jobbik. It started to rise in 2006. We feel it but it is not a physical threat. Definetely it is something that we are talking about, it is something that we see on the streets and on the television. It’s something that we are talking about, it’s something that we see on the streets, it’s something that we see on the television. It’s something that we’re talking about in Jewish clubs and synagogues it’s not something that we have to go to the police, it’s not threatening our daily life but still it is an issue and it has to be stopped! It is the governments responsibility to stop radicalism, to stop antisemitism, to stop discrimination. And in this way the government doesn’t do enough of fighting against antisemitism.“


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